Accessories Ladies


Accessories for ladies is a never ending list especially if you include shoes, a mystery subject to husbands. According to my friends husband you need a pair of shoes for day and one for night.

SHOES ♥ ♥ ♥

Ladies don’t you think that you should be prepared and have shoes for all eventualities 

ladies deck shoesYou need deck shoes or soft shoe type for going on deck, trainers for the gym, flip flops or sandals for around the pool.

Black court shoes to go with the black dress navy to go with the navy outfit and so on maybe evening sandals.

If you are flying to your ship maybe you have to be a bit more restricted at how many pairs of shoes you take, obviously you have to think about weight. even so when we have flown I still managed several important pairs of shoes.

Huh! I talk about us girls, on our last cruise hubby had deck shoes which he traveled in, trainers for the gym, smart black shoes smart trendy brown/tan shoes and his patent formal shoes….

Girls, I would say to you take you very high heeled tottery shoes to wear with an evening outfit, but remember such shoes are not suitable for on deck and if sea conditions are bad it is quite hard to keep your balance and stay upright yet along be on high heels.

Jewellery ◊ ♦ ◊

Well girls this is another favorite subject, we sure love our jewels. if you are boarding your ship at home there is no problem take as much as you like.

To think practically, you could manage with one necklace and a set of earrings just remember that a 2 strand diamond necklace and chandelier earrings are perhaps not so attractive around the pool.