What to Wear on a Cruise during the Day- Men


Day wear is simple, wear the clothes you would around the pool or a picnic by the river. Casual shirts or polo shirts, jumpers and sweat shirts. Summer lightweight trousers, chino type trousers or long shorts and dark jeans with no holes, tears or frays.

You are not allowed wear pool/ beachwear into the restaurants, by doing so you are showing disrespect and lack of standards. None of us want to be confronted by a hairy armpit or chest hanging out a vest type shirt.

Going ashore be prepared as they say in the scouts.

Warm places basically you need to be cool and comfortable, so layer is probably a good idea, a lightweight jacket or jumper in case it is cool or when taking a tender. It can be quite cold with the sea breeze. Pack a light fold up Kagool for that unexpected shower.  sun cream or block, sun glasses. Take a small bottle of water unless you know you can get refreshments on land.

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Cold places 

Think  warm layers a thermal vest if you feel the cold followed by a shirt and jumper, P1010763

wool is best because it traps the air in the fibers which help to keep you warm. An outdoor warm and waterproof coat P1010805is important as are sensible sturdy shoes or boots.

Going ashore think about the type of excursion you are on is there anything specific to that excursion i.e. a swimming costume or hiking boots. Respect the country and customs of the country i.e. will you need to cover your head etc.

The evening before sort out the currency that you will need in the country that you visit.

Remember to take any medication with you that you need.

Check you have boarding pass and passport if needed.

Your camera or video recorder.