What to Wear on a Cruise for an Evening Casual – Gentlemen


A dress code of smart casual requires that you look smart but not overly formal.

A shirt and tie can be worn but an open collar is also acceptable.

Avoid sportswear and track suits and wear smart shoes, never trainers. Equally don’t be too formal a DJ for example

Men do not need to wear a jacket but if you wish to wear a jacket or blazer that is perfectly fine.

A shirt and tie can be worn if you would like to but it is not required. Shirts with an open collar is acceptable and polo shirts.

Lightweight jumpers are acceptable but not hooded or logo sweatshirts these are not appropriate, on adults anyway.

Casual or suit trousers, flannels or chinos to be worn, where as jeans have never been acceptable attire, standards are being relaxed so dark smart jeans are alright to wear but not torn tatty jeans.

Avoid sportswear in the evening, wear smart shoes, never trainers or sandals.