Packing and Boarding

Before our first cruise, we had preconceived ideas about what we were to do and how we should do it.

We had no idea that we had to stand in line at the book in desk, a very long line that folded round like those at the theme parks. This would have been ok if it were not for the fact that we were dressed up in our best gear, including heeled court shoes for myself. As we stood in line and looked around most people were dresses casually and comfortable with appropriate shoes.

Our plight was added to by the fact that we had packed husbands suits, dress suits and my dresses in hanging suit carriers. They were made beautiful brocade material with a zip down the middle and a hole for hanger hooks; the hangers we used were the chunky wooden ones. Can you imagine how heavy the carriers were …..and we had 4.

Hubby stood patiently (maybe a little grimace on his face) with them over one shoulder.

Today the cruise terminals are like airports with seating in an embarkation lounge. A person gives a ticket as you come through the door with a colour, letter or number on.

You sit comfortable until a hostess calls the cards out, allowing for a small group at a time being processed ready for boarding.


The carriers …..oh they were dispensed with for the next and subsequent cruises. !!! And we realised to dress for ourselves …. and comfortably

Packing for flying is skill one perfects with the aid of weigh scales and the stipulation of the airlines.

Packing for boarding you ship from a cruise terminal at home is a whole different ball game!!!

You literally can take what you want, music to your ears you say. Yes you can pack your whole wardrobe if you want to, but keep in mind that although your cabin has lots of storage space for cases under the bed, once that is used up you probably will have cases standing taking up space in your cabin.

We have 3 large cases and 3 small that fit inside the large one. How many you take also depends on the length of you voyage. I doubt even I would not need 6 cases for a short cruise many cruise lines ask you to carry your own bag on for short cruises of 2 or 3 days.



marks and spencers

marks and spencers

An important piece of luggage is your carry-on bag which becomes even more important for disembarkation. In this small piece of luggage carry your prescription medicines, glasses and valuables. In the unlikely event that your luggage takes a while to find your cabin you have vital thing with you.


Preparing for a winter cruise, leaving from a local port, we put our gloves and a scarf in our bag; we are obviously excited children and can’t wait to explore on deck as soon as possible.

If its summertime our sunglasses and a small tube of sun factor creamers this little bag is with you all the time you can put your phone, wallet, glasses a small bottle of water and anything else you may need.

The night before disembarkation is when you finally close your cases and put them outside your cabin to be collected during the evening; you will meet up with them again in the port side ‘shed’ where you search for them put them on your trolley and walk through customs.


On the morning of disembarkation your little bag will contain medications, glasses /contact lens stuff, valuable and anything vital to you for the next couple of hours. It will also have your pjs and washing stuff, your phone and onward travel documents or car park receipt to collect your car and house keys.