What to Wear on a Cruise for Evening Casual Evening- Ladies

Also known as smart casual

Casual evening are usually on the evening of embarkation and before disembarkation. Also on port days when you may have been on an excursion, remembering that some trips ashore may be of many hours and you wish only to freshen up before dinner.

Avoid sportswear and wear smart shoes, never trainers.

Elegant casual means a slight up grade to day wear with  a little more elegance. Obviously no shorts or beach in the evening but easy soft comfortable materials. Trousers, even dark jeans are acceptable, skirts or dresses, tops shirts blouses with cardigans or jumpers.

On these evenings you will see ladies dressed up in cocktail wear and why not !! you are on holiday if it make you feel good and you will enjoy your evening, then there is nothing wrong with that. I would be aware of not over doing it like ball gown and a mass sparkly jewelry, were as it is lovely to see, it is rather out of place