What to Wear on a Cruise on Formal Evening-Ladies


Black tie can be used to describe formal evening  ladies may wear a cocktail dress, long or short is appropriate.

Ladies who cruise are most resourceful  when it comes to formal wear. These evenings are a time when a woman maybe a princess if she wants, she may wear her best long dress and sparkly jewelry, remember ball gowns are not really appropriate for a black tie event, ball gowns are required for a white tie event but nothing is that formal on board ship. A simple long or mid length dress or a cocktail dress is absolutely fine. Ladies are ladies and should you wish to wear a ball gown there is no reason why you should not.

The most common question I am asked is ‘what do I wear for a formal night’

‘Do I have to have four different dresses if I have four formal nights’

‘I cant really cant afford much. Do I have to buy expensive dresses’

This is your holiday it is not something you should be stressed over, you should be having fun, yes enjoy the dressy occasion but lets put this in prospective. Wear what you are comfortable in buy within your budget, just keep within the brief, if its a black and white night, wear black and white or just black or just white…not red 

With one dress you can have several outfits with a change of accessories  there is so much fashion jewelry available you can feel different every night. Also take different coloured Pashminas/Wraps or Boloros. Dont forget there are lightweight jackets or luxurious looking materials or with sparkly bits on that will jazz up an out fit.

It is acceptable to wear a jumpsuits or smart trouser-suit you can wear a camisole top underneath the jacket. 

It is amazing is that the dresses have arrived on ship and look like they have not creased and crumpled you cannot believe they have traveled in a suit case.

There are laundry facilities on board which as worth a look even if you don’t want to use them. There are not only washing and drying machines, ironing boards, irons, even racks to hang clothes up. Housekeeping also offer a service of laundering steaming pressing and probably much more.

Once I observed a lady wearing a silk, pale pink, long dress, and arrived for pre-dinner drinks with out a single wrinkle……well in the dress anyway !!

Formal evenings are to create an atmosphere of a sense of occasion with elegance, a time to enjoy clothes that you may never have the chance to wear at home.

You do not have to take expensive designer evening gowns, you can buy some very attractive inexpensive outfits from high street retailers before you go and there are some lovely clothes to buy on board ship.