What to Wear on a Cruise during the Day- Ladies

Day wear is simple, it is the clothes you would wear around the pool or a lunch with the girls.

Keep it simple and comfortable:

The type of clothes you want are casual shirts, blouses or T shirts, light cotton tops, with shorts or skirts,

cropped trousers, mid length or long shorts, dark jeans with no holes, tears or frays, or skirts and dresses. Some times you may find the need for a cardigan or light fleece, especially if you are in an  air conditioned room.

Long beach dresses are frequently seen around deck in the day time.

Mostly you see soft floaty material and cotton t shirt material. From plain coloured  to highly patterned. They are very practical and one can wear a bathing costume underneath. The brilliant thing about them is they can be dressed up for the evening too

If you prefer to wear conventional dresses, know as a day dress there is magnificent selection out there to choose from. a wonderful array of materials and colours. one thing to bear in mind if you are visiting a hot country, do chose natural fibers that will not stick to you, like cotton for instance.

There are great cover tops that may be slipped on over your costume. to go into lunch a simple cotton pair of trousers or jeans can be put on to make you respectable for the restaurant.

Please do not wear pool or  beachwear into the restaurants, by doing so you are showing disrespect and lack of standards.


Have a maxi dress to go to lunch or wear shorts and a top or caftan. To walk around a sarong is often very useful  to slip on to go for a snack or visit the bar