What to Wear on a Cruise for a Jacket Required Evening- Ladies

Generally cruise companies are relaxing some of their dress codes. Jacket required and semi-formal are being changed for evening/smart casual, but girls if your anything like us and our friends we love a dress up in the evening; for us it is part of the cruise holiday. We love having a busy day on board or excursions then return to our cabin to shower and get ready for dinner and the evening ahead. So you make it what you want. If you are not flying there is no restriction on how many outfits you take…..ENJOY YOURSELVES

Jacket required is of course the title of the dress code which does not mean ladies have to wear a jacket. This dress code is called semi-formal and still is on some ships.

The dress code is anything for women from an elegant trouser suit, smart skirt and blouse to a simple cocktail dress