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Going ashore… prepared

Warm places

You need to be cool and comfortable clothes,  layering is a good idea

Take a lightweight jacket, jumper or cardigan in case it is cool or when going ashore by tender, the breeze across the sea can be quite chilly. Take a fold-away light weight waterproof for that unexpected shower. 

Sun cream or block, sun glasses. Take a small bottle of water unless you know you can get refreshments on land.

You may need antihistamine tablets and cream. Maybe anti-diarrhea capsules and re hydration sachets may be useful.

Cold places

Again layers but think more warm layers, a thermal vest if you feel the cold, a shirt and jumper, wool is best because it traps pockets of air in the fibers which help to keep you warm. An outdoor warm and waterproof coat is important as is sensible sturdy shoes or boots.

Something often overlooked is a warm hat and gloves for going ashore or on deck.

Warm hat waterproof warm coat
Warm hat waterproof warm coat


A cruise of ours to Norway, the captain had said that around 5 am we would be sailing up Geirangerfjord, the views are amazing so well worth rising early to see.

Hubby  went up on deck                          


When I joined him, he was out on deck almost blue from cold, taking pictures. His head does not have a lot of natural covering so he should have had a hat on.

The ship was very enterprising and a rail of thick Norwegian jumpers, hat and gloves appeared to buy. Many people who had also not been prepared were grateful to purchase the items.


When going ashore think about the type of excursion you are on is there anything specific to that excursion i.e. a swimming costume or hiking boots.

Respect the country and customs of the country i.e. will you need to cover  your head, shoulders etc.

The evening before sort out the currency that you will need in the country that you visit.

Remember to take any medication with you that you need.

Check you have boarding pass    images    and passport if needed.