high shoes ladies

Girls if you have not been on a cruise before you may wonder if you will be negotiating grey steal and rivets, be assured a cruise ship is like moving around a five star hotel the floors are even carpeted, tiled or marble.

There is nothing to worry about as regard shoes. You can wear your 8 inch heels with no worries; however I would like you stilt walkersto picture this……eight inch heels and a force 11 gale outside. The ship is safe and reasonably stable, but it maybe moving up and down and pitching from side to side, so take a moment to imagine trying to balance on stilts on Terre firma,  perhaps had a glass of wine too; you feel a little out of control with your legs, they feel wobbly & jelly like. In the situation of a wobbly ship do you think lower heels may have been more manageable?



During the day flip flops, sandals, casual shoes are the best something soft and casual allowing you the comfort to explore the ship and ashore.

Deck or boat shoes are comfortable and elegant; they go with shorts, trousers long shorts even shirts of the right shape. Thy come in many combinations of colour and most retail outlets sell them particularly in the spring and summer season

Sneakers are similar in popularity to deck shoes and again come in a variety of colours and styles.

Ballet type pumps are really comfortable and can be worn with anything

including evening wear.