Now onto bags…………………….

As a girl I understand the necessity of carrying a bag from holding, glasses, a hankie, perhaps medications, the room key and husbands bits and pieces too.

But what I do not understand is why anyone should arrive at buffet lunch with a giant sized handbag, that could fit a small child in. Talking of babies and children I appreciate one has to carry far more and for every eventuality but I’m talking about handbags ….

giant-bag ffe6b_victoria_beckham_designs_handbags

Hubby and I were highly amused one lunch time watching a 50+ lady with a huge handbag trying to negotiate the buffet counters, while holding a tray with her plate on, trying to serve her chosen food onto the plate with the ‘suitcase’ balanced by a strap on her right shoulder.

Her right hand picked up the potato salad server, she thrust her hand into the bowl, at the same time the suitcase left her shoulder and joined her hand in the potato salad, en route it knocked her plate off the tray which crashed onto the floor, she pulled back, lifted her bag out of the dish accompanied by potato salad dropping off the edge of the bag!!! What a disaster…. The attentive waiter rushed over to help and clear up the mess, on her the bag, the floor, the cool cabinet and fellow passengers too. Needless to say the food in the cabinet was replaced immediately.

There are dainty ‘small’ handbags if you have to carry a handbag on holiday, that is of a manageable size to be placed beside you when serving food or a shoulder bag that could be place across the body to prevent it swinging around and landing in your food……..

Evening surely must invoke thoughts of small, elegant bags such as the classic clutch bag clutch bag 1There are so many styles and colours clutch bag 2these little bags can hold you room key, lipstick and hankie. should you need a container for your glasses too there are slightly clutch bag 3larger ones around that should suit your needs. clutch bag 4