The Dreamline is a great plane wide and high ceiling so you do not have the feeling of being shut in a small tunnel or MRI machine. The problem on our fight to Barbados was the seat configuration of 3x3x3. On the way out we had a delightful retired gentleman in the isle-way seat. He was lovely, he joined in conversation, he was interesting and we really enjoyed his company. The way back way completely different Ill not say any more about the lady.

The seats were comfortable with plenty of leg room, there were screens in the back of the seat in front, with plenty of films and other options to keep you amused.

The food was the worst I ever had in my life. It does not help that as a naturopath I eat a clean a non process man changed food, all the time. The lunch was some microwaved irradiated blob of sauce with pappy pasta (the worst ‘food’ in the world for the body) with it I think it was supposed to be chicken in chunks/squares/piecesā€¦ oh it was disgusting!! Accompanies on the tray was some chocolate runny thing and container of water an empty cup for coffee/tea needless to say I did not eat lunch. Afternoon tea arrived later with someĀ  blob of gluten that was supposed to resemble a scone, a pot of jam and a pot of cream, slightly less disgusting than lunch.

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