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Aurora Borealis

The light show of the millenium The finest Aurora Borealis display in Britain for more than a decade     Aurora Borealis was visible over the UK due to a geomagnetic storm that occurred above the country in February Aurora is caused when electrically charged particles from the sun enter the Earth’s atmosphere These so-called […]

Royal Caribbean UK themed cruises for children

Royal Caribbean UK Did you know we have exclusive themed cruises, perfect for children of all ages? You can read all about our incredible Barbie and Dreamworks Cruises in today’s blog post:

Disney fun in the sun

Disney cruises oops

Disney Cruises oops


Grand Event from the Beach

                    Many of us stood on the shore, on a very cold, drizzly July day, watching the ships as they left Southampton.                

P and O Grand Event 2012

Oceana in Geiranger



Geiranger Fjord Norway